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It’s the time of year where everyone is dying for the adrenaline rush from being scared. The Factory of Terror offered me this and then some over the weekend

I had never heard about this haunted house before my friend won tickets to go at a raffle. We decided to go check it out even though it’s kind of far out in Canton, Ohio. I suggest you do too.

Turns out, the Factory of Terror haunted attraction broke the Guinness World Record the past two years for being the world’s largest haunted house. It includes 3,796 feet of paths and mazes that keep you on-edge and grabbing for your friends protection.

The attraction is split into four different houses: the Portal to Insanity, Industrial Nightmare, Massacre on Mahoning and Judgment Day in 3-D.

Portal to Insanity

When my friends and I were entering the first portion of this haunted house, we couldn’t figure out why we given gloves. This part got pretty funny. The gloves were so we didn’t smudge the mirrors. The Portal to Insanity is a big mirror maze that gets quite confusing, and half the time we kept scaring ourselves with our own reflections.

Industrial Nightmare

The interesting part about the Factory of Terror is that the attractions are actually set up in an old factory building. So, this portion of the attraction brought original pieces of the factory to life in a haunting way.

Massacre on Mahoning

Massacre on Mahoning got to us the most. It’s set up like an old mansion filled with insane people. For most of the attraction, I was tackling my friend who was leading the way in search for protection. This was the funniest but scariest of the attractions, in my opinion.  I would go back just for this if I could!

Judgment Day in 3-D

The 3-D paint set apart this last section of the attraction. We were given 3-D glasses before we entered and everything inside came to life. Characters had the paint on their costumes too. It was crazy.

Behind the scenes

Not only did my friends and I get to go to the scariest haunted house I’ve ever been in, but we got a behind the scenes tour too. One of my friends ended up talking with the owner Rich and he took us back where the actors hide. All of the lights in the hidden hallways were red. He said this is because red lights don’t affect your ability to see in the dark like regular lights do. Another interesting fact that Rich told us was he started buying factories to either demo or sell when he first graduated from college. He had to live in one of the factories for four years before he got his feet on the ground with his business. Later he decided to turn one of his factories into the Factory of Terror. Now he has this enormous haunted house along with other projects like an Olympic BMX course.



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