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Date night for Disney's "Lady and the Tramp"As the days grow shorter and the nights get colder, there’s not much to do. This time of year calls for relaxing dates inside where we’re protected from the chilly air.

Whether your going on a quick coffee date with a friend or an evening date your sweetie, I’m going to provide you with some go-to places in Kent, Ohio. It turns out that Kent is actually full of intimate date locations. Generally, it won’t be too expensive either!

Mini dates

It’s always refreshing to go grab coffee with a friend or your boyfriend. The coffee/friend combo always enlightens my day and gives me some motivation to be productive.

We all know what Starbucks’ atmosphere is like, and, yes, there is one in Kent. I love it there, but I prefer the quieter, privately owned coffee shop in the area for my coffee dates. Starbucks always makes me feel like I need to hurry out, and it can be too loud to talk.

My favorite would have to be Scribbles Coffee Co. This little shop is filled with comfortable chairs, close quarters and a fire place. It feels like home, and is the perfect place to strike up a thoughtful conversation! The coffee is always fresh and delicious, too!

Another place I love to go for a mini-date is Heavenly Cupcakes. I mainly only go with my girl friends because of the décor. The bakery reminds me of the tea parties I used to dream of as a girl, filled with baby dolls, antiques and plenty of pink! Oh, did I mention cupcakes are homemade? You have to go here for a date with a friend!

Lunch dates

Kent has tons of places to go for a quick-lunch that are unique and tasty.

If you’re looking for a fresh sandwich, you have to go to Franklin Square Deli. The meat is freshly cut, and I’ve never had something here that I didn’t love (the Reubens are the best)! The workers make your sandwich right in front of you and then there’s a little area to sit and chat while you eat.

Another place that I love going to for lunch dates is Ray’s Place. At night this bar is a busy party spot, but during the day it’s chill. The kitchen serves typical bar food and there’s an awesome draft beer selection here. I love going here for lunch on a Saturday.

Dinner dates

Unfortunately, there aren’t many places in Kent to go for a sit down dinner. Here’s a few places I’ve found that I liked.

Mike’s Place is a quirky restaurant full of crazy, out-of-the-norm decorations. The food is average, but the atmosphere makes up for it. I think it’s a good place for a date with a friend or someone who you just met because of the setting. It’s not a romantic location, but it’s still a sit down restaurant.

Right across the street from Ray’s Place, the bar I mentioned earlier, is The Pufferbelly Ltd. This is a classier restaurant with food that’s pretty good. It’s perfect for a more romantic date!

Then, there’s the Bistro on Main. This fine dining restaurant is located in Stow, Ohio, right outside of Kent. The food is more expensive, but definitely worth it. Different food specials everyday offer a great variety for anyone. Also, Wednesdays are “The Original Cheap Date Nights” where you and your date can choose from six pizzas or 3 pastas, two salads and a pitcher of beer or a bottle of wine for $35. That’s a great deal, considering how delicious this food is.

That pretty much wraps up my date location suggestions! What’s your favorite date location in Kent, Ohio?


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